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Quality, Consistency, Transparency

We are a powerful team with years-long experience in the international digital arena. GmbH was incorporated in 2001, Zürich, Switzerland where we permanently keep our finger on the creative contemporary pulse of the city and its surroundings. Quality, Consistency and Transparency in everything we do is in alignment with the high Swiss expectations and standards.

We support you along the entire lifecycle of your digital realisation, guided by our 4 key actions.


'To consider in detail, observe, inspect carefully, question and test thoroughly, to identify essential features or meaning;'


'To change or alter in form, appearance, or nature, in outward structure or looks, from one form or medium into another;'


'To digitize, develop, control and make available functions, processes, and/or creations within a networked, public and/or private online environment;'


'To bring mechanisms into operation and secure for use; attract and draw persons into conversation, involve them intensely, to bind them as by a pledge or promise;'


Driven by your business requirements we consult, design, specify and develop your envisioned online digital experience.

User Experience Design

Material Design

Agile Methodologies

Application Development

Mobile Apps

Cloud Services


User centered design principles and innovative technologies are the enablers for successful business transformations, not the solutions in their own right. When it comes to a smart investment strategy for digital experiences, we make sure that your business goals are driving our technology decisions.

With over 20 years experience in the business we have worked with every possible stack on the market and can and will continue to do so. But innovation doesn't stand still and we won't either.

We enjoy open source cms's and frameworks and work a lot with following solutions.

Extremely flexible Open Source Enterprise Content Management, PIM & E-Commerce Platform for highly customizable Solutions.

When it comes to usability, NEOS can be described as the most innovative content management system on the market.


Very good time-to-market with lots of available templates and plug-ins. Less recommended for complex, tailor-made solutions.


Afshin Etesamifar

Creative Director - Partner

Laurence Desarzens

Account Director - Partner

Lars Jepessen

Product Owner - Associate

Jonas Scheidegger

Project Manager - Associate

André Ledergeber

Art Director - Associate

Gary Swofford

ICT, Security & Architecture - Associate

Haymo Empl

Copy Writer & Texter - Associate

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